Wednesday, February 23, 2011

About America's Sexuality Day 03-03


Sex is unquestionably a primary, essential impulse for humanity’s
survival and individual pleasure.  Whether we each choose to be
sexual or celibate, guided solely by  impulse or social/religious
structures, we all navigate a diverse landscape of sexuality in
America.   Yet, there is no date specifically designated to honor and
understand our sex in America.

March 3, the historic anniversary of The Comstock Act of 1873–
America’s congressionally authorized national censorship laws against
sexual free speech– is the most advantageous date for celebrating
the complex symbiotic relationship of sex, individuality, culture and
our democracy.


AMERICA’S SEXUALITY DAY is an exploratory collaboration initiated by
The Comstockery Collaborative TM, promoting broad and inclusive
national celebration and understanding to sexuality in America.

The Comstockery Conversation TM will be 501 (c) (3) compliant,
exploring various methods to engage the public.

“The Strange Bedfellow Coalition”  asks people to invite someone of
other sexual beliefs to respectful dialogue

The Comstockery!* (It’s JustSex) Hero Awards, welcomes the public to
nominate and vote for their sexual heroes in the arts, education,
policy and lifestyle.

The Comstockery Campaign TM will promote bi-partisan 501 (c) (4)
compliant governmental lobbying on behalf of sexual knowledge,  free
speech and human sexual rights.

The first of our efforts is a Petition for a Congressional Resolution
for Sex , a publically editable online petition that, when finalized,
will petition Congress to officially recognize the contributions of
sexuality in our democracy and humanity, on the anniversary of its

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