Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Facebook Censors Female Sexual Desire?

On July 27th Violet Blue received an email from Facebook informing her that the 3,000+ member sex-positive women's empowerment community she founded on her "Our Porn, Ourselves" page had been deleted. I was a member of that community, which was meticulously maintained in accordance with Facebook's published Terms of Use by Violet, and I'm a woman who watches porn.

I'm appalled by what appears to be Facebook's targeted censorship. It's also very disturbing that the anti-porn zealots like "Porn Harms", who have been harassing both Violet personally and members of the community, have claimed the community's deletion as a victory for their side and are offering thanks to Facebook.

Dan Savage reports on the situation this week; you can read more here and here, watch a video, and get updates on Violet's Posterous blog. The OPO Pro-Porn Manifesto, which was included on the deleted Facebook page, is on the Our Porn, Ourselves site.

Here is Violet's letter to Facebook, republished with her permission:

Source: Carnal Nation (

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